5-hour tour. Morning and afternoon start. This tour starts/ends at your hotel in Brussels. 

June 2015 was the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated. 

A typical 5-hour tour to Waterloo starts with the visit to the Wellington Museum which was the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington. We'll then continue to the famous Lion Mound, 120ft high. 225 steps will take you to the top to overlook the battlefield.

At the Visitor's Centre you will see the new impressive 3D historical film recreating the final battle and explaining the context and how it shaped Europe by ensuring European peace for more than 50 years.

There is also an interactive museum, guided by a soldier of your chosen army, you learn about the machinery that led inexorably to the battle. Dive into the heart of the battle, in a multi-sensory experience, full of special effects, the only one of its kind in Europe!

The Panorama, next to the Visitor's Centre is not to be missed. It houses a huge painting of the battle by the French painter Louis Demoulin. The painting completely encircles the inside walls of the centre, leaving the visitor standing in the middle of a very realistic three-dimensional battlefield. 

Its huge size, the portrayal of the soldiers, the weapons and the period costumes make the fresco come to life. Its display in the round leads to total immersion inside the imagemaking visitors feel like they are at the heart of the action, caught up in an epic saga. The sense of perspective and three-dimensional reality are remarkable, and there is a real feeling of movement and emotion. A soundtrack of clashing swords, cavalry charges, cannon balls, bugles and the cries of the infantry plunge visitors into the heat of the battle.

More info: Waterloo Visitor's Center​ website 

Entrance fees not included


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