WALLONIA (French speaking Southern Belgium)

Full day tour (9am till 5pm) 

Wallonia, one of the three regions of Belgium, is the Southern French-speaking half of the country. Often referred to as the "Ardennes" it is the most scenic part of Belgium.

This tour takes you to the Ardennes, the south-eastern part of Belgium, and one of nature's unspoilt areas, rich in fauna and flora, with vast forests of broadleaf and fir, hills and fast flowing rivers. We wander through charming villages nestling in the valleys where traditions and folklore still live on, and where the region's arts and crafts can be enjoyed.
We start from Brussels and drive to Namur and stop at the citadel where you will enjoy some fantastic views and great scenes over the valley. From Namur, we drive a road that follows closely every winding of the river unveiling astonishing edifices and the works of nature and men. Then we reach Dinant, a historic town spectacularly sited along impressive stone cliffs.
The scenery is an alternation of richly-wooded heights with massive grey rocks that assume picturesque forms. We visit ancient benedictine abbey and cloister, the ruins of a military fortress, an old farmhouse, a restored watermill, and their beautiful surroundings.

Wallonia is

  • woods and forests
  • nature reserves
  • rivers, lakes and valleys 
  • castles & fortresses
  • formal gardens
  • abbeys, cloisters & monastries
  • historic battlefields
  • locally produced organic delicacies

If you're looking for a holiday that combines nature and culture, gastronomy and heritage, Wallonia won't fail to seduce you, not only with its wonderful tourist sites, but also with its delicious local produce and the warmth of its people.

Suggested activities: 

  • Cheese & Beer tasting at the Benedictine Abbey of Maredsous
  • Namur and its imposing citadel
  • Scenic drive along the Meuse river between Namur & Dinant
  • Snail Farm visit including tastings of "escargots"
  • The Gardens & Castle of Annevoie
  • The Gardens & Castle of Freyr
  • The Castle of Vesves Celles
  • The "Bocq" micro brewery & tastings
  • Wine tasting in a private winery
  • The citadel of Dinant and the Adolphe Saxe Museum


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